Bayside Intrepid Landcare is a not-for-profit organisation, consisting of a team of young people between the ages of 18-35. We organise and participate in socially and environmentally conscious activities in an effort to create cleaner environments for future generations and have fun whilst doing so!

Bayside Intrepid Landcare is an entirely youth-run initiative which seeks to involve younger generations in environmental conservation and provide them with leadership and social opportunities. We also rely on the goodwill and support of our local communities.


Harriet Spittle, the standing chair of Bayside Intrepid Landcare, has been an active member of the Wonyip Landcare group in Gippsland ever since she can remember due to her parents’ involvement and passion for the protection of the environment. She noticed that there was a lack of young people within the Gippsland group which made events and meeting less appealing and difficult to engage with. She later attended an Intrepid Landcare leadership retreat held by by Naomi Edwards, Megan Rowlatt and Kathleen Brack at Wilsons Promontory. There she learnt about Intrepid Landcare and the amazing possibilities it had to offer. From there she decided to start an Intrepid Landcare group in Bayside with the help of some dedicated and passionate friends. She knew there was a demand from local young people for positive environmental change and she was right, we had 50 members sign up before we were even officially registered!

Bayside Intrepid Landcare understands that young people are super busy and want to spend their precious time doing stuff that really matters.Instead of just talking about change, we have developed a balance of fun outdoor social and leisure activities, as well as hands-on conservation and fundraising projects.

As this is a developing group we are seeking more young people who want to create a community, make real changes and get their hands dirty!