Landcare Australia


Landcare is a grassroots movement dedicated to managing environmental issues in local communities across Australia from coast to country.

Their mission is “To raise awareness of the land care movement and build capacity for land care communities to better manage the land and water assets that sustain us.”

They do so by providing “services to the land care community, including knowledge-sharing, education, promotion, participation, capacity building, funding, expertise and knowledge, major project delivery, recognition programs and protecting the ‘caring hands’ for the benefit of all.”

Most land care groups do not have age restrictions and can be found in towns all over Australia. If you don’t meet the age requirements of our Intrepid Landcare group, don’t stress you can still join the fun! Check out our list of existing Landcare groups all around Australia to find the one closest to you!!



Landcare Australia has groups of people scattered all over Australia committed to protecting and revitalizing their local Australian landscapes. Now more than ever climate change and global warming are among the greatest global issues that humanity is facing. These pose as hurdles for every current and future generation and while Landcare Australia has had great success in attracting participants, it largely lacks young people.

Megan Rowlatt noticed this lack of young people in 2009, when she first joined her local Landcare group in Illawarra as a coordinator and decided to change this by creating the first ever Intrepid Landcare Group; the Illawarra Intrepid Landcare group. With no expectations she held the first meeting which turned out to be a great success, attracting 18 university students.

Since then, the group has assisted over 50 different Landcare, Bushcare and other conservation organisations, and has worked with hundreds of young legends who have rocked up to learn more about the Australian environment, Indigenous heritage and culture, and meet other like-minded young people, explore and connect with nature, and give something back. They even took the crew international and looked at the impacts of tourism on community, culture and wildlife, and contributed to an elephant rehabilitation program in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (highlighted text taken from the intrepid landcare website)

During this time Naomi Edwards was working with young people, helping them to engage in conservation activities; more specifically tree planting events and restoring the Gold Coast coastline with beach cleanup events. She too noticed the lack of young people that were engaging in sustainable and/or conservation practices.

So in 2015 Intrepid Landcare was officially created and Naomi and Megan have been inspiring young groups of people all around Australia to get involved and live the adventure!

We are an adventurous organisation that empowers young people to lead on stuff that matters. We provide a common space to inspire, connect and empower young people to act and lead with Landcare.”

— Megan Rowlatt